The Almighty Kitchen

This post is going to be short, sweet and to the point!

So my boyfriend suggested that I should maybe upload a picture of the kitchen so people will know the kinda space I am working in. The house that we are at now was built in the 1920’s-1930’s. Now I do enjoy other parts of the house and the great character it has, but this kitchen is struggling!


As you can see, I have VERY limited counter space. The hutch on the right side does extend and pull out to give a little more room to work on. That is the space where I do most of my cutting vegetables and prep work. The counters on the far side are mostly used for the coffee machine and crock pot because the sink takes up a majority of the space. We don’t have much cabinet space either, so we have bought extra little carts to store cups and other things.

Some of you might know the feeling of having a very tiny kitchen and not feeling like you have the space to cook what you want or need. Trust me, I’ve felt that way a lot. Don’t let it discourage you!

With Love,




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