New this week! 

So this week I have a couple great recipes planned! I know for a fact I will be doing a Apple Pie Bites dessert recipe, OutBack Blooming Onion appetizer recipe, and a Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta dinner recipe!

For the Apple Pie Bites you will need Cresant pastry rolls, brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, and cut Apple slices. This is going to be a super easy and quick desert dish! And I might even serve it with a small scoop of Home-Made Ice Cream
My appetizer dish is going to be an attemp at a Outback Blooming Onion! All you are going to need for this is a Large onion, flour mixed with assorted spices, eggs, and corn oil. The Blooming onion is one of my favorite appitizers, I can’t wait to share the easy recipe! 
And last but not least is a Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta! For this I will be using Angel Hair pasta, shrimp, and ingridents for the bang bang sauce. The sauce includes mayo, garlic, sweet chili Thai sauce, and assorted other spices. It’s gonna be so good! 
While I was at the store I also bought ingridents for Hawaiian Teryaki Burger and Crock-Pot Chicken Wings. So depending on how leftovers work for the other recipes, I might include these this week!
With Love, 

Taylor 🙂 


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