Midwood Monarch vs. Sycamore Sounders ; Snacks & Drinks for a Team

So some of you might know, some might not. Max, my boyfriend, joined a soccer leauge this spring and they had a game this weekend! In a previous post (Soccer “Mom”) I showed off the uniform I created for the team! This is the first official game of everyone wearing the uniform together! I am so proud of myself and the guys looked FANTASTIC!

If you have read my “Me, Myself and Pie” page, you will also know that I spent some time in college doing photography. Here are a couple pictures for the game along with great snack ideas for anyone who is doing a sporting event and needs to replenish your energy!

Snacks For a Team 

  • Fresh fruit is a MUST! Some quick and easy fruits for children & adults are Cuties. Cuties or Halos, if you don’t know, are little mandarin oranges. The skin is super easy to peel (compared to a regular orange). They are also seedless! They are also full of vitamin C & E and dietary fiber.
  • Nuts and dried fruits are also a great thing to have. It speeds the uptake of glycogen back into your muscles and initiates muscle building.
  • Cheeses and Deli Meats. Lean meats like turkey and the little bit of fats from the cheese pair well with the fruits to give you maximum energy!

Drinks For a Team

  • Water is essential! With all the working out they are doing, they are going to be sweating out any excess water they have in them. HYDRATE, HYDRATE AND HYDRATE!
  • As weird as this might sound, Coconut water. It has 12 times the potassium as Gatorade and most other sports drinks. Contains other naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium. Doesn’t contain any added chemicals or sugars.


Week 3 Game 3/13 – Midwood Monarch vs. Sycamore Sounders


Goals by : Scottish, Simon and Chidozie

It was a FANTASTIC GAME! The boys did great and dominated the game.Scottish made the first 4 goals that spanned over the first, and beginning of second half. Simon came in and made the 5th goal and Chidozie ended the game with a solid 6th goal! Everyone played great and almost all the forwards made goal attempts!

Max fighting for the ball!
Max with the ball
Tom H
Tom H. the Goalie!
Simon ; scored a goal in the second half!
Tom I
Scottish ; Scored 4 goals in the game!
Chidozie ; Scored a goal at the end of the second half!
Logan ; Defender ; kicking a ball from the goal line.
Brad ; Working the ball down the field.
Phil ; another defender making a goal kick
Kaitlyn ; She’s a forward, making her way to the goal!
Alan ; Pushing the ball up the field
Anthony ; faking out a guy on the other team!
Max ; Working his way to try and assist for a goal!
Scottish ; Scoring a goal!


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