Upcoming for Peas Romaine Calm

For the past few weeks I have an influx of amazing support! There are so many places that I want to take my blog. It originally started as a personal journey to try and better myself and save a bit of cash, but now it has became so much more. It has given me a new purpose. It gives me something to look forward too. It helps me brainstorm idea on how I can make this experience a little better for everyone involved with this blog. It has helped me create a “brand” to work on and call my own. Here is a couple things that I want to bring to each and every one who has been nice enough to click that follow button.

  1. Videos

    I plan on videoing my recipes. Visual learning has always been easier for me. I have always tried to post a picture for nearly every step I do in my process. Whenever I first started cooking I always found it frustrating because sometimes the instructions would be too wordy, or just too complicated to understand. I’ve found that with pictures or a video, with it LITERALLY showing me what to do, things became so much simpler. And cooking shouldn’t be complicated, it should be simple.

  2.  Logo

    Since I was young I’ve always enjoyed creating characters, little background stories, and story ideas. When I was making my logo I really wanted too find a way to incorporate them into my blog. I thought about maybe making them have a little story or adventure of there own.

    As you know, if you read my first blog post, I have been trying to cut out fast food eating. While at home and the usual day-to-day it’s a lot easier than when you are on vacation or maybe an anniversary. For example, over Easter weekend Max and I are going to be going to the beach with a friend for a fun get-away. We already have a few nice restaurants that we want to go to. My idea is to document those places, kinda talk about them, review them (if that doesn’t sound too snobby) but have it being done by my logo’s Samson Pea and Mona Romaine. Have them sitting at the table, in the pictures, and telling a story as if they are on the date night.

    This is an example from a stock photo I DO NOT OWN.
    serving-tables-chairs-restaurant-23237869 copy.jpg

    This would almost be a story in itself but still sticking to the discussion of food. Let me know what you think!

  3. Social Media

    I have created a Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube account for the website. This will make it easier for my users to follow and track everything new I put on here! Right now they might not have much on them, but after this post, everything I do will be on there!


There are many other things that I want to do, and I can’t wait to see where this blog takes me! Thank you so much for everyone’s overwhelming support! Let me know what you think of my ideas!


With Love,



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