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Upcoming this week!

So I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! I recently just hit over 200 followers for my blog! I am so excited and can’t believe how much this has grown in such a short amount of time! I just want to thank every single one of you!

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Over the weekend I went to the beach! I had a wonderful time with Max and our friend Kevin! During this trip I took pictures of what we did and a couple places we went. I plan on making this trip the first log for the story of Samson & Mona. This will probably be coming either later today, or tomorrow morning!

mona copysamson copy

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This week I plan on trying to do some Asian-American inspired foods. I will attempt to make a video for each of these recipes!

  • Crock Pot Beef and Broccoli – Of course there is going to be a crock pot recipe. I live for my crock pot. There is nothing I love more in my kitchen than my crock pot!
  • Egg Fried Rice – Now I don’t have a Wok, but I will try to make this in a very large pan! This will be paired nicely with our Beef and Broccoli!
  • Crab Rangoon – AKA Crab Wontons ; I make no promises on how these will turn out but I love these little treats with a PASSION! The ones I prefer are going to be the sweeter ones, so it’ll be a nice sweet and savory combo with the sugar, crab meat and cream cheese!

tumblr_o39kofckrP1rkizt2o1_1280 copy.jpg

Also coming toward the end of this week will be a fresh new background to the website. I have made it an important mission to make sure the site always has something fresh and new to look at. That is including the background. I want to change the background monthly to work with the seasons. So on the April 1st, there will be a new background!

Thank you so much guys!


With Love,


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