Samson & Mona

Samson & Mona Go to the Beach


Samson Pea – Small and stocky, with the name of a giant. Samson is a child at heart and always looks for fun. He loves to eat and will always take your leftovers if you aren’t looking. His one true love is Mona Lettuce. Samson loves to take Mona out on adventures, to push her out of her comfort zone, and experience life to the fullest.

Mona Lettuce – Tall and Leafy, Mona has always been shy and lived on the safe side. She is typically reserved and quietly admires things from afar. It wasn’t until she met Samson that she found that some of the best things in life can come from just letting loose and being a child again!


Samson & Mona Go to the Beach

“Who doesn’t love the beach?” says Samson.

“Probably a vegetable who doesn’t love getting sand in between their leafs!” giggled Mona.

Then Samson grabbed Mona’s hand and said”Come take a walk with me.”

IMG_7020 copy.jpg

IMG_7022 copy copy.jpg

IMG_7028 copy copy.jpg

Samson and Mona loved to have fun together! Samson, being a child at heart, decided he was going to take Mona to a place he always dreamed of going!

Medieval Times

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Who doesn’t love a dinner and a show?! Mona was so excited to see the horses and to try the food!

2a32ecca-b134-42f0-8630-333b5a6fd83a copy copy.jpg

They even made friends with the people sitting next to them! It wasn’t till they were seated that they realized that there wasn’t going to be any silverware!

“I can’t eat with my hands!” Mona said as she looked at the menu.

  • Tomato Bisque
  • Warm Baked Bread
  • Roasted Chicken
  • Sweet Buttered Corn
  • Herb-Basted Potato
  • Pastry of the Castle

“They didn’t have silverware back then, and you won’t when you dine like the kings!” The server was very lively. He was playing his role well.

c925ddcd-7aaa-4864-9e0c-fdeb5ec8b569 copy.jpg

The tomato bisque, or Dragon Eye Soup (as there waiter called it), was very flavorful. It was seasoned well and served hot and fresh! Later we received a slice of garlic bread to dip in the last little bit of the soup that was left (if you had any :P)

8ede2445-27f0-4722-b6d9-d8bf765aee9b copy.jpg

They received what seemed like half of a rotisserie chicken, aka Baby Dragon. It was definitely filling! The potato was a half spud, baked, and seasoned with butter and herbs. The corn was tender and sweet!

7acc34dc-988f-4ff2-8d1c-253b4e1acbfd copy copy.jpg

Last but not least was a nice flaky pastry, aka Dragon Tail! It had a light apple filling. It was a nice ending to there dinner!

0c707532-6cc7-4176-9e3b-f65e1e1796be copy.jpg


They had an amazing time. The show was great and the energy from the crowd had Mona jumping from her seat as the knights battled! The evening was a success!

Although they were only at the beach for a short weekend, they were able to go out and do other things. They made sure that they went to another favorite place at the beach.

Medieval Times

4/5 – Great place to take kids ; or adult friends who know how to have a good time 🙂

The Arcade

In a mall on the strip, there was a comic book shop with a bunch of original arcade games. Every one of them was a quarter! They couldn’t wait to spend that loose change!

Mona was the reigning champion from trips previous. It was always fun competition.

879d1a99-47cd-48fd-9bfb-9e6f2674fa56 copy copy.jpg

Samson was willing to do anything for his lovely lettuce lady. Even if that meant having to lift her so she could play the games.

It was a wonderful trip and I can’t wait to see where they go next!

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