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Fried Pickles

Hey guys! I am so sorry that this is a bit late! I was so busy last week helping out on my parents little farm while they went to the beach! And I had tried to make these earlier in the week but failed haha. While I was at my parents Max went out and bought me a Presto Fry Daddy deep fryer from Walmart for $18.84. That purchase literally saved this recipe! I will be making a post reviewing the little fryer sometime this week so everyone can see if you want to purchase one yourself! Now lets get to the recipe!


  • Favorite type of pickle chip – I used hamburger dill pickle chips and also bread and butter sweet pickles.
  • Cup of flour
  • Tablespoon of each : Paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and cumin
  • 1 1/2 cup of butter milk
  • 4 cups of frying oil
  • Paper towels/coffee filters to strain grease
  • Presto Fry Daddy or Pan heated to 350 degrees


  1. Combine together the flour and the seasonings. And have everything in separate bowls.
  2. Take 4 pickle chips at a time and dip them in the buttermilk. Use a spoon with holes to scoop them out and strain. The slip them into the flour and make sure they are completely covered in mixture.
  3. Using tongs,Β lightly put the flour coated pickles into the fryer.
  4. We cooked ours EXACTLY 2 mins and they came out perfect!
  5. Once they turn golden brown, take out of oil and place onto paper towel/coffee filter to capture extra oil.
  6. Let cool and then serve warm with your favorite dipping sauce!IMG_7189.jpgIMG_7194.jpg



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33 thoughts on “Fried Pickles

  1. Ok, YUM!! These look amazing – and so easy. I don’t have a deep fryer – used them all the time at the cooking school but haven’t taken the plunge at home. There are so many things that require a good deep fryer too…like tempura…I think your recipe may have tipped me off the fence where I’ve been sitting for years. Thank you πŸ’šπŸ™ŒπŸ»

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      1. Haha! My mom would say “What in the hell are you doing!”, she isn’t very adventurous with her food. I don’t think my friends would be surprized, I do weird things all the time. I love pickles!

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  2. Yum! Here in the midwest, it’s not a common thing, but there are some bars & restaurants that have them on the menu, and I do love trying them! It’s funny, because I don’t like them otherwise, but fry them and I’m all about it!

    I’m not big on deep fryer machines and prefer to just do it in a skillet – is there an adavantage for this recipe in using the fryer vs frying them on the stovetop in oil?

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    1. The problem I had when I did it on the stove top is that I didn’t really check the temperature. In hindsight I should have probably used a thermometer because I always go way too hot and end up burning everything. The fryer always get it to the same temp. So it’s just a step I don’t have to worry about.

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