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Fried Oreos

Who doesn’t love this carnival classic?! Before making these I had never had one! Max and our friend Kevin were begging me to make them. I was skeptical at first. Oreos are great on there own, how could they get any better? They can! And I demand that you try this and see for yourself!


  • 1 cup of box pancake mix – or homemade, whichever you prefer. If it is a little runny, add more mix until it is a thicker consistency.
  • Favorite flavor of oreos!
  • 4 cups of oil for frying
  • Presto Fry Daddy or a Pan with oil heated to 350 degrees
  • Optional – Cover in powdered sugar


  1. Mix together pancake mix into a batter.
  2. Coat oreo in pancake mix.
  3. Take tongs and put the oreo into the fryer.
  4. Let one side fry until you see edges become golden brown.
  5. Flip over.
  6. Continue to let cook until other side if golden brown.
  7. Once finished take the Oreo out and set on paper towel or coffee filter to catch extra oil.
  8. Let cool and serve warm with a shot of milk and Home Made Ice Cream!





With Love,


9 thoughts on “Fried Oreos

    1. When Max and I went to a Carnival they had them! I had never seen them before either! They also had things like Fried Ice Cream, Fried Snickers, and Fried Milk. How they do some of those things, I will never know hahaha I was only daring enough to try the Fried Oreos 😛


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