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This week on Peas Romaine Calm!

I just want to start out and say sorry that I didn’t post much last week! I have been SUPER busy with work and trying to figure out this house stuff!

Recipes this week!

So I was very fortunate enough to receive an EXTREME discount on 3 days worth of HelloFresh Boxes for this week. If you are not familiar with what HelloFresh is, it is very similar to Blue Apron. With the HelloFresh recipe box subscription, you will receive a box of fresh ingredients and delicious recipes every week. I am doing a trial run with 3 this week to see how it goes! Hopefully mine turn out as well as the pictures haha

This is going to come in 3 boxes that feed 2 people each. You can receive a wide array of different ones such as Vegetarian, Meals for families of 4, special Jamie Oliver Recipes, and even up to 5 meals per week. You can cancel at any time and they ship all over the USA!

Now enough with the advertising, lets see what I’ll be making!

Recipes I will be receiving:




House News

So last week some issues came up with the house (of course :/). They came back with the appraisal and it was super low compared to what we offered them. Usually this is a good situation, but in the case it wasn’t. On Friday the seller said that she didn’t think she was going to be able to sell to me because she wasn’t going to make enough on the house to break even. Needless to say, I was pissed. I had payed for all these inspection, CL100, and Appraisal fees and the seller was just going to bail and leave me the bills again. That was definitely not going to happen again for a second time!

After telling my realtor that I wasn’t going to have it, and a bunch of other choice words, she went ahead and got the paperwork ready to send over with my demands if they backed out. In a shocking turn of events, Friday night, the seller came back and said that she would sell it to us, and she would still do all the repairs at the appraisal price. I was getting an almost $13,000 discount on a home, plus the repairs that I had originally asked for. Apparently her real estate agent convinced her that this was going to be the wisest decision because the appraisal that I had done would be stuck with the house for 6 months before she could get another done. So she could either sit on it for 6 months and get a new appraisal and hope it gets more next time, or sell it to me now and get it over with.

So as of right now, unless something crazy again happens, the house is still on and hopefully still closing on the 12th or maybe a tad bit later 🙂

Wish me luck with this whole ordeal!

With Love,



4 thoughts on “This week on Peas Romaine Calm!

  1. House buying and selling is one of the most stressful events life throws us. Hoping things turn out well for you.

    Your blog title is so clever. Bet you would be great writing advertising slogans!

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  2. I have a passion in me of becomig this amazing cook for my girl .means that i have to learn some cooing Intel and be am expert. Found the right site here.Cheers! Keep going.! – Cezane

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  3. We’ve been there too!! Sounds like things are moving in the right direction – yay! Hope the rest of the process is stress free for you!

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