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Week 1 House Renovations

Hey guys! So it’s been a busy week for me with the new house! We got a lot done this week and here is our progress!

Before & After

Living Room

Before over weekend of May 21st: Room had been primed and ready for wall painting; still had carpet in.
After; Walls finished being painted finished color; carpet tore out! Hard to see in this picture but it is a nice icy blue.
Weird flooring under the carpet!



Before the hallway had carpet and we took that out.
My mom painted the walls that had all the door frames with some of the blue to break up the trims so it wouldn’t just be white on white. Primed the longer wall on the other side white.
Mom painted the wall where the stairs are. Kinda breaking up another big white space with some blue. Ignore the door frame to where the bathroom is, that is coming out to put a new door later 😛

Spare Bedroom

This room has been pretty much completed so I will show you the picture from where it started to now.

Picture of the room from when I first moved in. The awful orange.
It was then primed with grey primer to really cover the horrid orange. This was done the weekend of the 21st.
We painted over the grey with a beautiful green. My mom calls it the Caribbean room, cause the color is so fun and lively.
We cleared out the room and after shopvacing out all the scraps, my dad began on the new, beautiful laminate wood flooring!
Him working on the final piece to complete the room!
The completed room 🙂 All that is left in here is to add the air vent to the right hand corner. It looks like its a brand new house!!! 


Kitchen Last weekend (21st of May); My dad had taken the back splash down, but I didn’t take a picture of it because I forgot. The light was really dim and we had to bring in a lamp.
Started priming the walls. And also replaced the light to a nice bright one!
More priming :/
I then took off all the cabinets and drawers and began sanding off the finish off the outside faces so it could be repainted.
Sanded down.
I sanded off the fronts of the cabinets. When it came to sanding everything, luckily we had an electric sander, so that make things go by 1000 times quicker than sanding these by hand.
The faces of the drawers also got sanded.
My mom finished painting the kitchen while I was sanding off the cabinets and she also began painting the outsides of the cabinetry white 🙂
After taking the fixtures for the cabinets off and letting them soak over night, my mom and I scrubbed them clean, or as clean as they would get.


Then I began to spray paint them all sliver. I even did the hinges but they aren’t in this picture.
Cabinets after they were painted and with one of the newly spray painted fixtures placed on it.
One of the handles put onto the painted drawer!

So that is what got done this week. The flooring got started in the “Master Bedroom” but I didn’t take a picture of that last night :/ Some of the other time this week was also taken up by ceilings and trim being painted by my wonderful mother 🙂 We also went and picked out the tile for the kitchen and bathroom. I also purchased my vanity and faucets for the bathroom as well. Currently the bathroom is a shambles after Max took down the wallpaper and we found that there was this weird not normal wall behind it. So we’ve gotta figure out whats next in there. We are also going to have to put a new sub floor down in the kitchen because there are about 4 layers of sticky fake tile flooring that just won’t come up. Wish us luck this upcoming week 🙂

With Love,



10 thoughts on “Week 1 House Renovations

  1. Hi Taylor and Max, you are doing a wonderful job. So happy for both of you. What a blessing your parents are. Am sure they are so proud of you. I love the colors of your rooms. When you and Max have a chance will you stop by? Love you both,
    Grandma Carol

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    1. We were just talking about you at lunch and how we need to bring you by the house! Great minds think alike 😛 I’ll let him know, can’t wait to see you! ❤ XOXO


  2. Congrats on all the progress Wow ! you guys have accomplished a lot !!! It is a lot of hard work, but when you see the end result, you will see, all the hours of slaving will be so worth it…well done 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations! I love the flooring in the Caribbean room! Everything looks like it is coming along and you’re getting everything done so quickly! Have fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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