May Review

So this past month has been a little slow for me. But that’s my own fault haha I have been so consumed with the closing of my house, I’ve really been slacking on the recipes! As soon as the new kitchen gets up and running, I should start busting out recipes left and right! I did receive another coupon from HelloFresh, So I’m defiantly going to try and get those recipes out to you once I order those, and I’ve also seen a few things around for some yummy crock pot dishes!

Recipes Posted in May:

Take a second look at some of the great recipes I posted this past month!

Crock Pot Meatballs

HelloFresh: Blackened Tilapia

HelloFresh: French Onion Soup Burger

HelloFresh: Crispy Spiced Chicken



Sunshine Blogger Award!

flowers-pictures-pictures-free copy

One Lovely Blog Award



House News

Finally closed on my house on May 20th! Also uploaded my first week of Renovations!

The House has finally Arrived!

Week 1 House Renovations


Follower Gains in May:


April: (464)

Total : 591


Likes in May:


April: (576)


Comments in May:


April: (146)


Visitors in May:


April: (792)

Yet again I want to thank everyone for the love and support! I’ve loved seeing all the feedback on the house renovations! You guys are great!! Also, check out the new background on the home page! Decided to switch it up from my normal floral patterns to a fun beach inspired shell theme!

With Love,



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