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Week 2 (plus some) Renovations!

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Hey guys! So a lot of time the past week has been spent in the kitchen. We kinda ran into some unexpected troubles along the way! So the first issue was when we removed the green counter tops and finally were able to get a good look underneath in the cabinets below.


So the owner before me had bought this house as a foreclosure. Originally there was a board over this hole which we thought at first was water damage, but instead was remains of what used to be a rats nest.  

Now we could tell that there was probably a rat/mouse problem but we didn’t realize that they had made a nest under my sink at some point. We shopvacced out the entire bottom of under the sink, and even ended up taking out that entire bottom piece and replacing it with new wood!

While Max and Danny were cleaning out the remains of the rats nest, they started noticing that the pipe for the kitchen sink was jiggling. And then it completely broke off… Just our luck haha

At this point we were all a little discouraged.  Apparently the pipe that goes to the kitchen sink also goes to the bathroom sink. The bathroom is just on the opposite side of that wall. This pipe also went all the way up through the roof, for ventilation purposes. So there was only a few options to choose from. Call a plumber and pay an arm and a leg or try and fix it ourselves. And by ourselves, I mean Danny would fix it haha Luckily Danny went on Reddit and was able to find help to fix this problem. He was going to have to completely cut out that middle section and refit it with new pvc piping.

Danny Cutting out the old Cast Iron Pipe
Fitting the new Pvc Pipe
Completed new pipe 🙂 If anyone has any questions about the full process he took, let me know and I can give you a better step by step.
Now that the rats nest and rusted pipe have been taking care of, now its time to what we originally were trying to do! The new counter tops!

Not only is Danny now a certified plumber, but he is also a master carpenter! He was able to cut my new counter tops perfectly!! Now I went with Formica counter tops. Originally I wanted something completely different. Something Stone or even concrete. But in hindsight, I knew that eventually, down the road, I might have plans to rent this place out. If I end up wanting to rent after 5-6 years once we save up for our next home, I’d hate to have all these wonderfully nice things, only for a tenet to ruin or destroy it possibly.

So pretty 🙂
Top cabinets finished putting in and looking wonderful!
Preview of the Back Splash!
New Sink!

When we first started the kitchen I wanted to keep the Original 1967 Cast Iron/Porcelain sink that weighed nearly 200lbs. When it came time to take off the old counter tops, Danny realized that the weight of the sink had cracked the counter tops over the years and If we put it is, it’d do exactly the same thing. So we had to ditch the sink, and get a new stainless steel one!

Excuse the crappy picture, but this is the oven that I bought for just $150! Yep, that’s right, a pretty much BRAND NEW retails for nearly $550 new, got it for $150!

Now this lovely oven was bought over Facebook. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with this invention, but my town, and the towns surrounding have these “Buy, Sell, Trade” Groups on Facebook. Now I am relatively new to these. My manager at work is very handy on them. He is always selling stuff on these groups, so I told him to keep an eye out for an oven up for sale! BOOM! What do you know, he finds one! He sends me the picture  of the oven, and I’m like $150! Hell YEAH! So I call the lady. Super sweet and very nice! We arranged the deal and I got the oven the next day!

So that has been my past weekish! Other things were done around the house as well. Danny had also finished up the flooring in our bedroom earlier in the week. Max and his uncle Brian cut down dangerous limbs that were hanging over the covered part of the deck. Max and I also trimmed the trees that were hanging over the wires connected to the house as well. Stuff got pressure washed, and other little things happened.

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful past week! Also, since I’ve had no time to go to the grocery store or cook a decent meal in week, I was able to order another week of HelloFresh Boxes for next week to take the pressure off me with the shopping! As you know from my previous post, HelloFresh featured me on there twitter feed, but they also featured me on the Pintrest! I couldn’t be more excited and I love getting all the benefits that they have given me. So I want to share the food!

Do you want to try HelloFresh? Receive $40off your first week of boxes using my promo code! If you have any questions let me know!


Now this promo code never expires and can be used at any time! So if you don’t see anything you like for next week, save it for a few weeks from now! Now what I usually do is the 3 meals for 2. Typically that is $69. With the promo code, it makes the price go down to $29! You really can’t beat that price for 3 meals for 2 people! They also have Vegetarian options, and family portions.

Now don’t worry, I am not going to continue doing HelloFresh every week. Once the house is complete, and the new kitchen is done, I will be back to my own meal recipes. I’ve been sitting on a few recipes that I’ve been craving because I want to give them my full attention instead of half-assin it just to get a recipe out!

Thanks so much you guys! All your support has been great and I can’t wait to get everything up and running!


With Love,



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