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HelloFresh: Smoky Beef Tacos

So as everyone knows I have been busy as hell with the new house! It is almost done!!!! I am hoping to be able to start moving stuff in this upcoming weekend! I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish anything with out the great help from my family. They have been life savers and have taught me so much! I will never be able to repay them for all the sweat, love and tears they have helped me put into my house! Stay Tuned for the final pictures coming up later this week!!!

With all the work on the house, I haven’t been able to make it to the store. Thank the lord for HelloFresh! Once the house is finished this weekend, I will be bringing everyone a Taylor Recipe!


Ingredients w/ the box:




Ingredients not included:

  • Olive oil


Now these are the steps that were included in to the box.









I actually used a potato masher tool and it worked perfectly! I actually didn’t get to use much on the tacos cause Max kept eating it while I finished cooking the other stuff haha


I ended up just putting them into the oven in the tin foil since I didn’t have an open flame. Still turned out very well!


The beef was a little greasy, but it was still good.




Overall it was very good! It probably wasn’t enough to satisfy Max’s hunger but it was definitely flavorful!

Do you want to try HelloFresh? Receive $40off your first week of boxes using my promo code! If you have any questions let me know!



7 thoughts on “HelloFresh: Smoky Beef Tacos

      1. Personally I’m not using a premium one. The way I think about it is, don’t put too much money into it at first. Once you get a following, and make it to a place where you feel comfortable spending the money on, that’s when I always felt justified to do it. To spice up this free theme, every month I change the background and the main colors. That way, for me, I am getting something fresh and new without spending the money! Once you find one that you like, you can always make little adjustments to elevate it from the norm.

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  1. Hi Taylor. Thanks for commenting on my slow cooker chicken cacciatore recipe on my brand new blog (started two days ago!) I like your site and have similar ideas in mind once I can figure out how to use Word Press. I hope you will come back and leave me feedback. You certainly know what your’re doing! good luck!

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