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Ipsy July Glam Bag

So I am completely new to the world of make up. I haven’t every really dabbled with much, and it’s never really been a day-to-day routine for me. When I was a younger I never remember my mom wearing make-up much. So I guess I just never really learned how to do it. When I go out I do the usual mascara, little eye shadow and maybe some lipstick. I’ve never really been into the whole foundation thing. Luckily my face is pretty clear and smooth. I do occasional get some redness, but that’s only when I have a few drinks haha

So I decided last week that I wanted to become more familiar with make-up. I had a friend who had subscribed to a few beauty boxes so I thought I’d try one out. I thought it might be a good way to familiarize myself with a few brands to see what I like. So here is a review of my first Ipsy Glam I received.

This is the bag that came this month! It was so cute, this picture does not do it justice! It had a really pretty metallic rainbow color to it! 10/10 
The pigments in this shadow were really great. The color was pretty as well, but when I put it on, it kinda make me look like I had a bruised eye. It applied pretty well, but wasn’t that great for my complexion. 5/10


This was interesting. I read a lot of reviews on this product before I used it and it was mixed. Some people loved it and others were dissing it saying it was just water. I thought it was okay, I applied after being outside all day and sweating. It was refreshing and helped with my redness, so I guess it did the job. 7/10


I love lemon scents. I love lotions. This was a win win for me 🙂 10/10
Worked great and applied very well! 9/10
I’m still new to brushes, so I wasn’t too sure how I could use this one. I did eventually use it to apply my eye shadow, and it did apply the make up very well.  8/10

I would definitely recommend Ipsy. It is $10 a month. I was so excited to get it and try the stuff out. I can’t wait till next month to see what I get. I will try and get photos of what the products look like one me. Like I said, I am very new at all this, so do not expect some crazy amazing looks quite yet!

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2 thoughts on “Ipsy July Glam Bag

  1. Oh man… I did Ipsy for a while but recently stopped because I have so much makeup now that I don’t need more – and have gone without it for about a month now. But I’m seeing your stuff and wanting to get it again…

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