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Free Sample Graze Box + Free Promo Code!

So I just received my sample box from Graze yesterday! It came with 4 samples of some of the snacks they offer. Typically this is a weekly subscription box, but you can edit it to biweekly, or even monthly. You can even personalize the snacks you wanna try. So if you don’t like spicy/salty treats, you can opt out of those. At the bottom of this post is a free coupon for you to try!

Here are the box options you can choose from:

I honestly don’t think $11.99 is a bad price if you do it on a monthly basis. The snack portions I received (in the sample) were decent, but I also only received 4 samples. You receive 8 in the regular boxes. But if you are sharing it with 2 people, you could have to fight for it haha

IMG_0561 [386128].JPG
This is the box I received. I thought it was cute that they personalized it with my name.
IMG_0562 [386129].JPG
This is what it looks like when you first open it up. Very fun and cute.

Now here are the snacks I received:

IMG_0564 [386131].JPG

These were very good. I love dried fruit!

IMG_0565 [386132]

These were a good salty taste after eating all the sweet snacks. Beware, they kinda get stuck in your teeth 😛

IMG_0566 [386133].JPG

These were my favorite! I love lemon, and the bars were so soft and chewy. Definitely the best!

IMG_0567 [386134].JPG

These were okay. Nothing too special about them. Although I do love pecans!


Overall it was good and it was free! Who doesn’t love free things 😛

Do you wanna try Graze? Get your 1st and 5th box free using this coupon code! 

Promo Code: QUGC74VLP

Subscriptions can be canceled/changed at anytime. So if you wanna try the first box free and cancel/change (weekly/biweekly/monthly) afterwards, you can! Give it a try!

With Love,



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