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Banana Chocolate Ice Cream Pops

So this recipe was super easy. All you need is 3 different ingredients! This recipe is also very versatile. You can change the smoothing ingredient to be whatever you want really.

These are also going to be great for after Max’s Soccer games. The potassium in the bananas are going to keep the cramps away and the dark chocolate cocoa is going to be great for his heart!

This is also a very kid friendly recipe. No Added Sugars, but still get the sweetness from the ripe bananas! This would definitely be a hit for kiddos!


  • Ripe Bananas
  • Milk (Almond Milk, Soy Milk, etc)
  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
  • Pop Maker

IMG_0593 [2155795].JPG


  1. Cut bananas into quarter size and freeze night.
    IMG_0594 [2155796].JPG
  2. Combine all ingredients into the blender. It took me a little trial and error to get the consistency I wanted. I ended up using 1 cup of milk, 1 small tbsp of cocoa, and then the whole thing of bananas.
    IMG_0607 .JPG
    I used this Ninja Bullet that I revived as a house warming gift from my manager. This thing worked great. There was no chunks in the bananas like my previous  Nutribullet used to. This was great, I would 100% recommend this item.
    IMG_0608 [2064177].JPG
    It looks exactly like ice cream!


  3. Pour the mixture in the Pop Maker.

    IMG_0609 [2064178].JPG


    Then freeze overnight.
    IMG_0613 [2155797]

  5. They came out perfect! 🙂

    With Love,




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