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Ipsy September Glam Bag

This month was pretty good. I added the worth to each product so you can see the value of this monthly subscription. I still think this is a GREAT deal for $10 a month! Enjoy!

I have been so surprised at the quality of the bags themselves. I took my July and August bags with me on the cruise and they were large enough to carry all my toiletries. This one is quite nice as well. 9/10 
I tried a little bit of this this morning. It had a bit of a chemically smell. Like Hair dye, or a product like that. It wasn’t overwhelming though. Overall it made my hair feel pretty smooth and soft. (Worth: $9.00 on SEPORHA) 7/10
I like nail polish. Mostly because I like putting it on, and then I pick it off. But that’s just my personal preference hahaha This color isn’t too bad. I didn’t really like the brush that came with it. (Worth: $6.00 on BE A BOMBSHELL COSMETICS.) 8/10
The tint was a little too orange for my skin tone. It did have some cute sparkle in it though. (Worth: $18.37 on Amazon from BellaPierre) 5/10
This mascara was very nice! I’m always a sucker for a full mascara! (Worth: $12.00 from official IT COSMETICS website) 10/10
It was a bit plain. Didn’t have any smell or taste. (Worth: Unsure  probably a little more than average) 4/10

Total Value in this bag was roughly $45.37. This is not including the lip balm since I couldn’t find a price for that. AMAZING! You really can’t bet that for $10!

With Love,



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