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Etsy Shop: Button Gnome

Hello everybody! So I have some exciting news for everyone!! Max and I have started our own company 🙂

Check it out!

Etsy Shop: Button Gnome


Now by no means is this a fancy company, but it is ours! We are selling Button Badges. If you aren’t familiar with what a button badge is, here is an image.



Bridal Buttons

It is the type of button you pin to your shirt. Now I’m sure anyone who was raised or was alive during the 80’s or 90’s know what I’m talking about now. You probably dawned a button or two with your favorite bands name or logo. We will be making an assortment of all kinds of buttons and we will be shipping them WORLDWIDE! Right now we only have 2 listings up for Bridal and Groom sets. Soon we will have a lot more! But don’t let this stop you if you are interested in getting something custom.

We are currently fulfilling custom orders!

All of our buttons are 1.5in in diameter.


Some things that we will be bringing to the shop are:

  • Other Varieties of Bridal/Groom Designs
  • Name Designs
  • Custom “Vote” pins. Perfect for School Elections, Homecoming and Prom!
  • Gender Reveal. Team Girl/Team Boy, Mom To Be, etc.
  • Map Location Pins
  • Animal Themes
  • Food Themes
  • Game inspired Themes
  • TV Show inspired Themes
  • Movie inspired Themes

If there is anything you would like to see or have, PLEASE let me know. I am willing to take any ideas and see how they do! Each button individually is $1.25 plus shipping. The more you purchase, the better the deal. The 9 button bridal/groom sets are $12.00.



Groom Buttons

Comment below any ideas you wanna see!

With Love,



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