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Ipsy October Glam Bag

Really enjoying this month’s Ipsy! Here’s what I got!

Yet another fabulous make up bag. Quite big and great quality! 10/10
I received the Florence Fig. I wish I would have gotten the Bordeaux because I prefer the darker colors, but the Fig does look good. (Worth: “Roughly” $14 because the bundle was $28 on treStiQue) 7/10
Another orangey blush. Not really a Fan. (Worth:  “Roughly” $10.50 because the whole blush is $21 on theBlam) 3/10
SUPER SOFT! (Worth: $7.09 on 9/10
Cute, soft eye shadow brush 🙂 (Worth: $5.51 on LookFantastic or $22 on Lottie London) 10/10
I love eyeliner 🙂 Very nice (Worth $20 on Sephora) 10/10

Total Cost of bag : $57.10! Great deal 🙂

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