Home-Made Ice Cream (No Ice Cream Machine needed)

Throwback to my favorite Ice Cream Recipe ever đŸ™‚

Peas Romaine Calm

So I went to the store the other day and wandered down the ice cream aisle. I went to my favorite ice cream in the whole world, Chocolate flavored Haagen-Daz. But it is nearly $7 for one pint. It’s madness! So I decided to try and make some home-made ice cream that was close to my favorite. This recipe is probably the closest I will come to the rich flavors and creaminess of Haagen-daz. All you are going to need is a base ingredient list of 2 things, and then whatever you want to flavor it with! I am just doing a basic chocolate because it is my favorite.  It should take 6 hours to set in the freezer, but I just left mine in over night. This recipe should produce roughly 3 pints of ice cream for the same price as 1 pint of store bought Haagen-Daz.


  • 1 pint…

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