HelloFresh: Blackened Tilapia

Peas Romaine Calm

So a couple weeks ago I received some info about HelloFresh! I was given some coupons that pretty much gave me the first 3 boxes I tried for FREE! I couldn’t believe how lucky I was and couldn’t wait try them out! The first one I made was the Blackened Tilapia with Crispy Potatoes and Blistered Veggies.


Ingredients w/ the Box:

22.jpg I actually did receive an extra baby onion. It was so tiny and so cute!



Ingredients from Home:

  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive Oil


Now these are the steps that they described to me. I tried to follow them to the best of my ability!


IMG_7255.jpg Sliced into thin-ish slices…

IMG_7258.jpg Minced the garlic

IMG_7256.jpg Washed off Vegetables in a Colander.


IMG_7257 The recipe did call that they be cut into 1/2 inch, but I just quartered them, so I needed to let them cook for an extra 5 – 8 mins.


5.jpg Now I…

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