Me, Myself and Pie

Hi, my name is Taylor Rongholt! I am a 24 year old women, daughter, sister, and now mother. I graduated high school in 2011 and went to Winthrop University for photography for 2 years. Yes, I did not complete my full degree. After I failed my Political Science class, I lost my scholarship. For me, I was very fortunate enough to have parents who owned there own company. A company that they built themselves from the ground up, out of there closet when I was 8 years old. They are now one of the top Two-Way Radio dealers on the internet (besides Amazon, but who can really beat them now-a-days). While I was at Winthrop I began working part-time doing product photography for their websites. After I decided that I did not want to pay for school myself (after losing my scholarship), they let me continue working there full time.

I work a 9am-6pm job. I sit on my big ol’butt all day long in front of a computer. As you could assume, or may even know for yourself, that has not been very good your health or weight. So because of the hours, and just wanting something quick and easy, I fell for the evil mistress that is… Fast Food. I’m also working on a budget, like a normal person from society. I have goals like everyone else. I want to buy a house. I want to travel. And I want to provide for my darling daughter, Sadie.

I currently have 3 dogs (Cid, Luke, and Napoleon), 3 kitty-cats (Oliver, Faye, and Midland) and 1 boyfriend (Max) that I tend too. Yes, my house is a zoo, thank you for asking. Lets just say, that after food for the animals, kitty litter, treats and toys, the budgets gets even more tighter than just being me.
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About 10 years ago my Grandma Joan (pronounced Joe-Ann) typed up all the recipes that my Great-Great Grandma Klatt had in her “Little House on the Prairie” looking cook book. She also included recipes my Great-Grandma Martin had written herself. She printed it off and gave it to all us grandchildren to have for ourselves. My goal is to try and reinvent the recipes from the old cookbook and the ones my great grandma came up with. This is going to be my guide, or inspiration, for the recipes that I want to feature here. I am not a professional chef. I am not trained in the ways of cooking. Everything that I have learned is from my mom (as well as trial and error). Not everything is going to come out perfect. But life isn’t always perfect. Just keep your head up and remember “Peas Romaine Calm”, and everything will be okay!

With Love,