In January of 2015 I decided to take a trip to Europe all by myself. My first stop was in London, England. It was definitely me stepping out of my comfort zone! I had been out of the country before, but never alone! London was a great place; The city was very clean, very easy to travel around, and people were willing to help almost at every turn.

While I was there I stayed at a hostel. For those of you who don’t know what a hostel is, it is like a hotel but you share the room with other people. You can choose to have a private room but it cost more a night. My room had 4 people in it, including myself. It costed about 25 euro ($28) a night, including breakfast. I stayed at the Safestay (Elephant and Castle).

144-152 Walworth Rd, Elephant & Castle, London SE17 1JL, United Kingdom

The staff and people I met there were very friendly. While I was there I took the Underground (subway) pretty much everywhere. It was about a 5min walk from my hostel. On the first day there I arrived very early, so once I checked into the hostel and dropped off all my stuff I went on an adventure to find some breakfast!

The Electric Elephant Cafe

While I was wondering the streets near the hostel, I stumbled upon The Electric Elephant Cafe. They were very nice, and I enjoyed an amazing egg and ham sandwich on an English muffin! After my wonderful meal, I hustled back to the hostel to get some wifi so I can see what other kinds of adventures I could find since I was only going to be there for 2 days before I left for Paris. My first sightseeing spot was the Natural History Museum!

The Natural History Museum in London

On the second day I was there I hit all the big stops! I started my morning at Buckingham Palace! And No, unfortunately I didn’t see any of the guards 😦

In front of Buckingham Palace there is this beautiful statue called the “Queen Victoria Memorial”. I caught it with the sun behind it to get a nice silhouette!

After I finished at Buckingham Palace and looking at the shops I decided to try and find the nearest underground and that’s where I kinda got lost. As I left Buckingham Palace I went the wrong way and got lost trying to find the Victoria stop for the underground. Then low and behold I stumbled upon the super fancy part of London!

Had to take a pit stop at one of the fanciest McDonald’s I had ever seen. They had free wifi so I could figure out where I was!

Once I figured out where I was, I was able to just walk down the street and eventually see Big Ben and the London Eye in the distance. I was quite a nice walk, but it was windy as hell, and this was the one day I decided to look cute and wear a skirt!

Westminster Abbey ; The smudge on the photo is because someone bumped into me while it was drying and my finger smeared the chemicals inside the photo!
Big Ben & The House of Parliament
London Eye ; No I didn’t get to ride it.
I asked the guy behind me if he could take my picture and he just shook his head, wishing I had a “Selfie Stick”.

After I finally got to that destination, I hoped on the underground right by the bridge and went to Trafalgar Square.

Right as you exit the Underground you get this amazing sight!
My favorite part was the Big Blue Rooster they had as a statue there!

London is an amazing place and I can’t wait till one day I get to go back!

Me at the hostel after my days journey ready for a nap! (I’m looking rough 😛 )

With Love,